Superwall® Demountable Partitions & Moveable Walls

Precision Walls, Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of Superwall® demountable partitions and moveable walls. A non-progressive demountable partition system,  Superwall® allows for the fast removal and replacement of any panel without having to dismantle the entire wall.

Comprehensive Aluminum Framing/Glazing for the Southeast

Looking for unparalleled flexibility to suit your workspace requirements? Superwall® has been the leading manufacturer of premier demountable partition systems for more than 30 years and is a proven performer among building owners, developers, architects and general contractors.

At Precision Walls, we proudly offer the installation of demountable partitions and moveable walls to commercial customers across the Southeast, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky. Our demountable partitioning service incorporates an aluminum framing/glazing system, which accommodates ceiling height glass, sidelights and doorframes.

Advantages of Superwall®:

  • Get quick lead times on all orders: No eight-week waiting periods, Precision Walls, Inc. can be on site and ready to work in just a few business days.
  • Gain genuine flexibility: The components of Superwall® can be reused, allowing for lower cost as your office space needs change. Change is a snap - due to its non-progressive nature, you are able to access the middle of a partition for electrical or plumbing changes. Once you have completed your change, you just snap the panel back in place. In addition, you will be able to make changes in the middle of the partition vs. dismantling of the whole partition as you would in a progressive system.
  • Save money: Save money on initial construction, maintenance costs and reconfiguring/upgrading your workspace. Enjoy the bottom line benefits.
  • Enjoy significant tax advantages: Superwall® allows you to accelerate the depreciation of all your office partitions and related components such as doors and frames.
  • Enhance office aesthetics: With a myriad of options, Superwall® can be manufactured to your specifications. Panels can be laminated with a stock vinyl or wall covering of your choice.
  • Increase your sustainability: Your sustainable and economical solution to change: Superwall® Demountable.
  • Improve building energy performance: Partitions’ overall environmental performance contributes to LEED credits. Due to the construction of Superwall, it is a reusable wall system. Not only is it made from recycled material, it is also recyclable which in-turn reduces construction waste.
  • Reduce the schedule of your next project: No delays as with typical gypsum board construction. Eliminate debris, sanding, finishing and painting.
  • Improve, update and reconfigure existing space quickly and easily: Reduces the interruption of daily operations. Generate income quicker by accelerating the move in date for your tenants.

Rejuvenate Your NC, SC, TN Workspace – Call Precision Walls

How will the needs of your workplace change in the next three months? Three years? Superwall® allows your organization to adapt quickly. But don’t take our word for it; contact us today at 1-800-849-9255 to see for yourself the difference our demountable partitions and moveable walls can make on the aesthetics and functionality of your commercial interior! Or fill out our contact form to request additional information about our specialty construction company online.

Download Demountable Partitions PDF.

Headquartered in the Raleigh, NC area, Precision Walls, Inc. proudly serves commercial customers in Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh and Wilmington, NC; Charleston, Columbia and Greenville, SC; Nashville, TN; Richmond, VA and throughout the Southeast.