Commercial Panelization for Buildings in the Southeast

What is Panelization?

Panelization is the prefabrication of exterior or interior wall assemblies, manufactured in a controlled environment using conventional building components. Exterior panels are available in a variety of finishes including Synthetic stucco (EIFS ), stucco, thin brick, ceramic tile, and cultured stone or as back-up for conventional masonry products.

During site preparation, we can design, engineer as required, and fabricate the exterior of your next project. Our climate controlled  facility allows us to manufacture year round with no interruption due to weather. Once the product is complete, we store as required on our seventeen acre site.

All shop drawings and panel connections are engineered and approved by the project architect prior to the start of panel fabrication. Plans are reviewed and stamped by a structural engineer as required. This process eliminates potential problems prior to site delivery and all panels are inspected at every stage of production as they pass through the plant. Everyone is involved in the quality control process; from the design to construction to erection.

Advantages of panelized exteriors include:
• Substantial reduction in project duration
• Design flexibility that contributes toward LEED certification
• Engineering as required
• Controlled environment
• Overall cost savings
• Both load bearing and non-load bearing assemblies available
• Panel erection
• Continuous supervision and quality control
• Minimizes disruptions on site
• Improves safety

• Reduces paperwork by combining scopes
• Reduction of Jobsite Waste
• Reduction of Manufacturing Waste / Efficient use of resources
• Manufactured within 500 miles
• Innovative Design - Construction Process
• Reduction of Jobsite Materials/Labor/Vehicle Use
• Variety of wall sections and cladding available to respond to construction needs.
• More work off-site = easier prevention of construction activity pollution

Contact us at 1-800-849-9255 to learn more about  commercial exterior panelization projects. You can also fill out our contact form to request additional information from our specialty commercial construction company online.

Download our Panelization PDF.

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