Maars Living Walls

Maars Living Walls unite European influenced design elements with today’s most innovative technologies. Maars products are engineered to provide the best STC ratings in the industry, which proves you can have a beautiful product that functions well.

All Maars products are centered on providing a completely custom tailored solution for your application. You are able to combine glass, fabric, wood, metal, or any other finish that allows you to bring your design vision to life.

Allow us to schedule a presentation to demonstrate how Maars removes design boundaries, allows for media integration, and allows for future floor plan flexibility.


Horizon - Single Glazed Glass Wall

Horizon is not just a stylish glass partition wall, it is also an economical solution for your working environment. The minimum profile height and no-profile connection with other Maars systems create a high-quality transparent and architectural aesthetic. In addition, the large variety in doors and door systems lend form and character to accessibility.

Unique combination of design, accessibility and privacy:

  • Single glazed wall
  • Minimalist design
  • Maximum transparency
  • Easy to combine with String², lalinea, and Panorama
  • Innovative wall system


Panorama - Double Glazed Glass Wall

Maars Panorama is a glass partition wall that is extremely flexible. This wall solution is reconfigurable and easy to combine with other wall solutions from Maars. High sound insulating values ensure acoustic privacy. 

  • Top glass wall with top values
  • Maximum adjustability
  • Smart and patented click connections
  • Perfectly fit in an architectural and collaborative environment


lalinea - Double Glazed Glass Wall

Maars has designed the lalinea partition wall together with some of the world's best architect, with a minimalist design as our starting principle. The profiles of the partition wall are so slim as to be virtually invisible. Whats' more, the partition has no vertical profiles. lalinea makes any room unbelievably aesthic, architectural, open and transparent.



The ultimate wall with ultimate values. The advanced steel wall system is a real all-rounder thanks to the versatility of the material, glazing options and possibilities for integrating the Living Options program. Moreover, the String-2 wall system offers excellent fire and noise performance.