Why Precision Walls?

As one of the largest drywall and ceiling contractors in the Southeast, Precision Walls, Inc. is proud of what we have accomplished and looks forward to our continued success in the industry. Our “mission statement” and “principles to live by” guide our daily decisions and define who we are and why we are successful.

At Precision Walls, we:

  • CARE: As a family-owned and operated business, we care about our employees and their time spent at Precision Walls, Inc. The PWI culture is one of teamwork, integrity, strong work ethic, and respect. We have a long-standing history of being a partner — not only with our external customers, but with our employees as well.
  • WANT YOU TO BE SAFE: Precision Walls is proud to have an award-winning safety program. With the safety of our employees being our number one concern, we take careful measures to ensure they are offered the ultimate protection from workplace accidents through our provision of ongoing safety education and training. We not only want you to be safe on the job, but ensure you return home safely to your family every day.
  • WANT YOU TO ADVANCE: Our employees are our greatest asset. The Engineering News Record (ENR) ranks Precision Walls as one of the “Top 10 Wall & Ceiling Contractors” in the U.S. — a testament to our talented workforce. We want you to find your career path at Precision Walls. For that reason, we will provide you training opportunities to help you not only advance, but succeed.
  • ARE HERE TO STAY: Precision Walls, Inc. has been a dominate industry player for almost 50 years, and we aren’t going anywhere. We are a pioneer in the industry of moveable and specialty wall systems and continue to expand our product lines and geographical reach each year. Our extensive product lines and proven quality of work allow us to work on jobs as small as adding a door in your office to constructing a multi-million dollar project.