Our People

Family-owned companies mean different things to different people.

To us it means:

  • Looking at our team differently –We see an employee, and we see their family. We know work is a lot better when everyone is on board with the values and integrity of the company.
  • Being self-critical – We know we do good work, but we continue to strive for more and better!
  • Humility – It is not often a word used with a profit-seeking company, but it is a big part of who we are. We are not looking for individual glory, we would rather succeed as a TEAM.
  • Having fun – Construction is challenging, hard and intense work, but we take time out to laugh at ourselves and enjoy our strong team-focused environment. It’s a joy to see individuals grow and develop both professionally and personally.

Here are a few words from our team members.

Matt - Account Executive - “I came right out of college — sure I had a construction degree, but I quickly learned that wasn’t enough. I was taken under a senior person’s wing and learned to be a Project Manager. I knew the opportunities were here. I saw things like an “open-door policy” to all the executives, openness to innovation, and an encouragement of entrepreneurship that kept me interested. I particularly liked the family culture, as I know I wouldn’t have liked a “stiff, corporate-type” environment. I have been able to move to an Estimator, Team Leader and to my current position as Account Executive. The years have flown by, and I still like it here!”

Marshall - Estimator - “My move to PWI has been extremely positive. Several things convinced me to come work with this team. Precision Walls has a great reputation in the industry - it’s a lot easier to sell work and be successful when you have a long history of performance. We compete well on a wide range of projects, from tenant improvements to healthcare. There is great potential for mobility within the company. The size and stability of PWI makes movement to other branches as well as moving up through the organization a real benefit.”

Richard - General Manager - “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to work hard and not be tied to a desk. I started at PWI as a Mechanic hanging drywall. I must have been pretty good because they then made me a Foreman. I liked the field, being on construction sites and leading a team. I then became a Supervisor and later a General Superintendent. This opened my eyes to even bigger opportunities, and I knew this was where I belonged. I was promoted to General Manager, and now I have the best of all worlds — I still get on construction sites, but I manage larger teams as well as a complete P&L for a branch. I’m not sure I saw this coming, but I am extremely blessed that it did.”

Chris - General Superintendent - “As a seasoned Superintendent looking for a long-term opportunity to further my career, I accepted a position as a Foreman with PWI. The opportunity to advance at Precision Walls was explained to me in detail and upon recognizing my abilities and work ethic, I was given the opportunity to take on greater responsibilities. PWI held true to their word. I was recognized for my efforts and after 6 months, I was promoted to General Superintendent. I look forward to a challenging, exciting, and long-term career with Precision Walls.”